"Julie’s coaching class is amazing. Not only has it helped me with my work life, my personal and home life have also flourished. Her in-your-face approach really makes you think and take responsibility. If you want to succeed, you need to talk to Julie!" - Lisa Ford, REALTOR

"Julie is great!!! I recommend Youngblood Coaching!" - Jim Harris, REALTOR

 "If you're not in coaching with Julie, there's only two things to say....Why not?"  - Russ Stewart, Coach for Keller Williams International

 "Julie is an amazing real estate coach that gets REAL RESULTS!!!!!!!" - Julie Cimorelli, Fidelity National Title

 "While us ol' guys can always learn from fellow pro's (and Julie is one), I'd strongly encourage any newer agent (maybe anyone with fewer than 4 or 5 deals successfully closed) to get with her ASAP... a good foundation should always be built ASAP!  - Michael Patton, REALTOR

"The best and most caring coach that I've ever had.  She really wants you to succeed in your business, she helps motivate you and gives you the courage and strength you need to keep moving forward.  She is the one who pushes you up the ladder to success."  - Vanessa Burke, REALTOR

"Julie is a leader amongst leaders.  She consistently operates with high integrity, loyalty, and commitment.  Julie is an expert in residential real estate and business development while at the same time: she understands the importance of exceeding the needs of those she serves.... Her determination to make a difference, do the right thing, and follow through on her commitments will attract clients and business acquaintances that are in search of a world class professional coach."  - Jason Lindstrom, REALTOR