Market Stats-Las Vegas 12/03/2012

Market Stats are ready!  Here they are!

As of today there are 3,876 SFR homes available in Las Vegas/Henderson areas.  Of those only 343 are REO's.  748 are Short Sales and 2,785 are Regular/Equity listings.  

859 went into P or C status.  Of those 116 are REO, 408 are Short Sales and 335 are Regular/Equity sales.

We had 704 close escrow last week, mainly due to month end!  Of those only 84 were REO.  277 were Short Sales and 343 were Regular/Equity sales.

There were 120 Expired listing last week (non-REO, non-Short Sale).  This number was high due to month end as well.

Let's look just at the REO's.  Right now we only have about a 3 week supply of REO homes, that's about 2 weeks less than the overall inventory of the market.  What does this tell us?  What does this mean for your buyers?  Well, as agents we KNOW.. we are dealing with it!  Multiple offers, getting beat out, sales prices well over list.  How do we help our clients see it without "teaching" them on an offer?

Easy, we use these numbers.  Let the numbers do the talking!

If your Buyers are "low-balling" it's only because YOU haven't educated them enough.  Time after time I hear this from agents I am coaching, "They just won't offer list, all they want to do is low ball."  The only way to change this is to take responsibility and educate your buyers.  The truth is, if they are motivated and in fact do want to buy, it's your job to help them understand the market.  Here's the trick... you don't educate by TELLING them about the market.  We educate by ASKING QUESTIONS that help them uncover and discover the market themselves.

Yeah, it's tricky.  It takes time.  It takes skill.  It takes knowing when to ask.

Not sure how... what.... why.... when?  Give me a call.  Teaching agents the super-hero like skills needed to navigate effortlessly through any market is what I do.