Market Stats-Las Vegas 1/2/2013


Here are the numbers for last week!

As of today there are 3,570 homes on the market!  Of that, 391 are REO, 626 are Short Sales, 2,553 are Equity sales!

Last week, 513 homes went into escrow!  Of those, 83 were REO, 222 are Short Sales and 208 were Equity!

Last week 777 closed escrow!  LUCKY!!!  Of those, 76 were REO, 414 were Short Sales and 287 were Equity!  

Here's the best number yet!  With the closing of the year there were 373 Expired listings that were not REO, were not Short Sale!  

If you feel that you lack the skill to call Expireds and get those listings, it might be time for a change in the new year-HIRE A COACH!