New Real Estate Agent Takes First Listing

She has successfully listed at 10648 Corte Sierra Street, MLS #1381947.

Stephanie Hicks.jpg

Due mainly in part to Stephanie's skills and knowledge of the Las Vegas real estate market, they were able to secure this listing.  The Seller is asking $170,000.  The property is located in Silverado Ranch.  The property is a 2 story with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms and boasts a 2 car garage.  This particular property is an Equity/Traditional sale which means it varies and requires special skills compared to other types of transactions in the Las Vegas real estate market.  This particular listing is extra exciting because it is Stephanie's first.  She spent the first 30 days establishing a functioning database, building a strong foundation for lead follow up and practicing real estate scripts daily.  She literally secured this listing within 2 weeks of active lead generation.Stephanie is working with one of the top real estate coaches in Las Vegas has lead to the many successes this real estate agent is experiencing. 

Stephanie is currently in a real estate coaching program with Julie Youngblood of Youngblood Coaching and Consulting.  The program consists of practicing the best real estate scripts, tracking conversion rates, implementing business plans, etc. Because Julie has been in the real estate business for about 13 years, she has seen the ups and downs of many different markets in Las Vegas.  Her production at an early age has given her the know-how to catapult agents in their real estate careers.  Julie has helped many agents at all different levels in their careers get to the next point.  Whether it’s just getting started in the business or looking to build a team, Julie has done it all.  Stephanie has seen the beginnings of an amazing business since she enrolled in the program with this Las Vegas Real Estate Coach.

Again, Congratulations to Stephanie on a job well done.

For all your real estate needs, or for more information on this listing, please visit Stephanie Hicks at